3 ways for dad to bond with the baby: this is how you do it!

3 ways for dad to bond with the baby: this is how you do it!

The baby has been in mom's belly for nine months. Right from the start, those two have a bond. After birth, the little one will spend a lot of time with the mom. And what about dad? They say that you are 1-0 behind as a dad because you do not (yet) have a bond with the baby. That can be different. Yes, even in mom's belly!

1. Getting to know each other in the womb

Your girlfriend (or wife) feels every movement of the baby in her belly. You can see it growing, but not much else is happening. With a bit of luck, you may feel a kick against your hand when you touch her belly. The most special kick ever, that's for sure. But of course, it is also possible that you feel nothing. Not surprisingly, the idea of life in her belly can be quite abstract for you. Don't worry; an ultrasound scan can change this 100%. Once you have seen the baby, you will instantly fall in love. The ultrasound scan is a unique opportunity to bond. Besides, it is the only way to see your baby during pregnancy. By the way, keep putting your hand on her belly; you will feel that magic kick one day.

Once you have seen the baby, you will instantly fall in love! Taking an ultrasound scan is a unique opportunity to bond.

2. Building a bond

So, the first attempts to bond with your baby have been made. Did you get a good look at the little one? Have you? Then you will notice that it is already a lot easier to search for a connection. Of course, there are other things you can do to strengthen the love. Talk and sing to the baby in the belly, for example. Or reading stories to the baby. This way, the baby can get used to your voice and recognize it. The most important thing is that the baby can trust that someone will always take care of him or her! Whether that's mum or dad.

3. After the birth

After the birth, you can bond with the baby just as well as a mom! A beautiful, memorable way to build an intimate bond is skin-to-skin contact. Holding the baby close, cuddling, falling asleep together. The baby feels safe and secure. There is nothing more beautiful than this as a new parent. But you will love it too. And what else? Keep yourself busy as much as possible with the daily activities such as giving bottles, comforting the baby, and changing nappies (dad can do that like the best 😉). Furthermore, you can do a lot of fun things with the baby. Taking walks together, the baby close by in the baby carrier or stroller, playing together, making funny faces, singing, and reading stories. You name it. Go, team, daddy! In no time, you will be precisely the father your child needs.
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