Find out which pregnancy course is right for you!

Find out which pregnancy course is right for you!

I can well imagine that...

you can no longer see the wood for the trees when it comes to choosing a suitable pregnancy course. There are many different types of maternity courses, and they are offered by an enormous number of parties. By now you have completed step 1, because you know you want to take a pregnancy course. Now comes step 2: choosing a suitable pregnancy course, or maybe even several. But first, let's take a step back, because why is a pregnancy course so valuable?

Why take a pregnancy course?

Most pregnant women enroll in a pregnancy course to support their pregnancy, delivery, and maternity period. These courses teach you as a preggo, for example, how to handle contractions more easily and how to prevent certain pregnancy ailments, but also provide advice on motherhood. And this is exactly why these courses are so valuable: they are very useful because they broaden your knowledge, improve your skills, and possibly reduce your fears. 

But it doesn't end here. Because these courses are also a great way to get in touch with other pregnant ladies. You can pour out your heart and complain about those miserable pregnancy symptoms, and support each other in your bumpy journey. I'm sure the feeling of recognition will be a support. Plus, you can learn from each other by giving each other advice and exchanging tips and tricks. Have you also thought about the fact that you might end up with good friendships from these courses? Who knows, maybe you've already scored a friend for your baby this way! A coffee date for the moms, and a play date for the kids ;)

Types of maternity courses

To help you choose the right antenatal class for you, we have put together a list of various antenatal classes. Which one are you going to follow? 

HypnoBirthing (childbirth)

Are you afraid of giving birth, and does the saying "fear a thousand" apply to you? Then HypnoBirthing might be a suitable pregnancy course for you. This course was created because (just like you) many women are afraid of their birth. Where does this fear come from? Birth stories of other women play a role in this, but also the media. I think you would have to try very hard to name a movie or series in which a woman giving birth does not scream her lungs out and suffer a lot of pain.

This course is based on the idea that the female body is made to give birth to a child and that childbirth is a natural process. HypnoBirthing will therefore also teach you what happens during normal birth. What else can you expect? You will learn several breathing techniques that you can apply to make the contractions easier to handle, as well as several positions in which you can give birth. Many women have preceded you in this course and evaluated their delivery as a positive event afterward!

Mensendieck (body)

During your pregnancy, you can be quite bothered by physical complaints, such as lower back pain or pelvic pain. An important cause of these complaints is your growing belly (no surprise), but also the corresponding change in your posture. Mensendieck exercise therapy is aimed at preventing these annoying physical complaints. How is this done? This pregnancy course teaches you how to walk, sit and bend properly. In addition, this course is also valuable as a preparation for your delivery, since you will learn how best to breathe, puff, and push during your delivery, but also which posture you can best assume to cope with the contractions. 

Pregnancy gym (body)

Pregnancy gym is among the pregnancy courses that have been around for a long time. Over the years, many other pregnancy courses have been added, but pregnancy gym remains a classic. Do you want to stay physically fit and prepare your body for childbirth? Then sign up for pregnancy gym. It's fun, too, since you do exercises in a group with fellow pregnant women. Pregnancy gymnastics is also informative, as you will receive a lot of tips and tricks for pregnancy and childbirth. Think, for example, of ways to push efficiently and to cope with contractions.

Pregnancy yoga (body and mind)

Do you need a course that pays attention to both the body and the mind? Then it is a good idea to sign up for pregnancy yoga. During this pregnancy course, you will learn exercises and techniques that will help you, for example, to strengthen your pelvis and optimize your posture. In addition to its physical impact, pregnancy also affects your mind. That is why pregnancy yoga also values the mental state of preggos. Breathing exercises and exercises that help you to consciously listen to yourself will help you to relax during this exciting period. Time to relax, it's going to be all right!

Haptonomy (contact baby)

Yes, you will follow this pregnancy course together with your partner! The focus of this pregnancy course is on the contact between the baby and you and your partner as future parents. In pregnancy haptonomy, this contact is made by touching your pregnant belly with your hands. Your baby can feel this, and can then move towards your hands. This will certainly be very special for your partner, since he of course does not carry your baby in his belly and therefore feels very little of the baby.

Besides this baby-parent contact, pregnancy haptonomy also focuses on the preparation for childbirth, including the handling of the contractions, and the renewed relationship between you and your partner after childbirth.

Pregnancy swimming (body)

Were you a real mermaid before your pregnancy? Then I have good news, because during your entire pregnancy you can continue to swim. Did you have to (temporarily) give up a lot of other favorite sports? Off to the pool! Swimming during your pregnancy can be very nice, as the water provides support for you and your pregnant belly. Exactly, it gives you a feeling of weightlessness. The goal of pregnancy swimming is to improve your fitness and muscle strength through floating, swimming, and relaxation exercises.

Swimming with your partner? At some swimming pools, this is allowed! Either way, pregnancy swimming is always done in a group with other preggos.

Breastfeeding course (breastfeeding)

This pregnancy course prepares you as an expectant mother for the maternity period, as this course is all about breastfeeding like a pro. This course is given by a lactation expert, an expert in the field of breastfeeding. What will you learn during a breastfeeding course? Positions for breastfeeding, techniques for positioning your baby, but also what pains you might feel. You'd better be prepared for these pains, right?


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