pregnancy scan at the baby shower

Making a pregnancy scan at the baby shower!

She is the first in the group of friends.

The first in a relationship, the first engaged, the first married. Recently, there was big news: there is a baby on the way! That needs to be celebrated.

Organising a baby shower

Immediately after the news broke, we created an app group. That baby shower must and will happen. An extra reason for a party! Are we allowed to drink at a baby shower? The first question that comes to mind. There are a hundred more to come. Nice to see this trend from America, but how do we organise it?


She thinks she is having a relaxing day with her boyfriend today. He went to pick up something from his parents' house. She thinks. But then the doorbell rings. All her friends are on the doorstep with an abundance of goodies. The table is filled with cupcakes, sandwiches, and delicious mocktails. Next to her, a gigantic gift table appears. Showtime! But first: babywatching.


A new verb if you ask us! Babywatcher: a scan that you can make at home on the couch or during a baby shower. Perfect, right! We unpack the yellow case and connect everything in no time. Using the device is super easy, and everything you need to make the ultrasound is in the case. Honestly, the Babywatcher makes the baby shower complete. We see the beating heart, the legs, the face, and guess where all the body parts are. And then, the little girl very clearly stretches her arms. She turns her face towards us and puts her thumb in her mouth. Our conclusion: she is just as lazy as her mummy and wakes up from a deep sleep. So cute to see! Our hearts melt. Yes, the Babywatcher is an exceptional addition this day. We save the photos and videos of the baby, throw one on Insta, and then it's time for the games. You know the drill. We are guessing baby pictures, decorating rompers, and tasting baby food jars. After unwrapping the presents and predicting the baby's name and date of birth, it's time to let the mama-to-be rest. We tidy up, take away the balloons and streamers. It is as if we were never there. But luckily, she has beautiful images from the Babywatcher, so she can never forget this special day.




Your ultrasound at home

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