Oh my goodness: you’re gonna love these baby sets!

Oh my goodness: you’re gonna love these baby sets!

Time to eat! That means time for a party, right? Unfortunately, for some kids dinner time is not always one of their favorite moments of the day, no matter how hard it can be to imagine (because: yes, finally something fun after a long and boring office day). Eating with long teeth then is totally applicable for some minis.

Besides producing very charming airplane and train noises (choo-choo, tuut tuut, here comes the train), there is another way to make little ones believe that eating can be fun: cute baby tableware! Say goodbye to boring and plain bowls and plates, and hello to colorful baby dishes depicting beloved inhabitants of the animal kingdom. This is also the way to ensure the highest success rate to ensure that your little one will share this love for the finest dinnerware with you. That's why we dug into the wonderful world of baby dinnerware for you and made a wonderful selection of the most picture-perfect baby dinnerware!

  1. Bowls

Raffi bowl - €15,16



Bowl Mahogany - €14,-


Sheep & Goose - €7,95 


Melamine bowl - €12,50  


Shark print - €12,50  

  1. Plates

Elphee Anti-slip -  €20,99


Peekaboo Elphee - €20,76


Little Water Bord - €7,95  


Farmer - €7,95 


Monkey - €12,95  


Space - €5,-   

  1. Cutlery

Silicone spoons - €24,-



Ladybug - €8,95 


Zoo monkey - €8,99  


Soft Blue - €22,90 


Silicone baby - €7,95   

  1. Cups

Jip en Janneke - €3,-


Safari - €16,95 



Tiny farmer - €6,99

Baby mug pink - €8,90


Children's mug - €5,90


Kids - €6,90  


  1. Dinnerware sets

Panda - €33,-


Sea friends - €39,95 


Dinner set green - €2,99 


Zoo collection - €19,95


Woezel en Pip - €18,71


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