que faire en cas de nausées ?

Pregnant and so nauseous. What to do?

The biggest sign that you’re pregnant: nausea. Unfortunately it’s a part of being pregnant. You can be a lucky one and not suffer from this pregnancy ailment. But the chance is bigger that you’ll just have to endure it for (hopefully only) a few weeks. Fortunately, there are tricks to reduce your nausea in your pregnancy.

It is also called morning sickness, cause a lot of pregnant women are nauseous in the morning. Certainly when you get up, a wave of nausea can suddenly appear. This is because of your empty stomach. Also in the afternoon and evening hours nausea can suddenly strike. It’s tough, working all day in an office where nobody even knows you’re pregnant, so you have to pretend everything is okay. The degree of nausea varies from person to person. One person suffers a lot, another feels perfectly fine everyday (so unfair ). But 60 to 80% of all pregnant women suffers from nausea, so you’re not alone. It usually starts around the fifth week of pregnancy, that’s how a lot of women find out they are pregnant. Fortunately, the end usually comes pretty quickly, around the fifteenth week the terrible ailment disappears again. But it can be some very tough weeks!

Why are you nauseous?

It is not yet entirely clear where exactly the nausea comes from. However, the degree of nausea appears to correspond to the amount of hCG in the body: a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. More estrogen is also produced and you develop a stronger sense of smell, which contributes to the nausea. In any case, all the substances in your body are working very hard to make everything ready for the little one in your belly. This is what you’re feeling.

When is your nausea too severe?

Nausea during pregnancy is extremely normal, especially at the beginning. But can't you keep anything inside of you, do you lose a lot of weight, are you fainting and/or suffering from dizziness? Then it’s possible that Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is playing a part in this. HG is an extreme form of pregnancy nausea in which you have to vomit a lot and can no longer hold in food or drinks. Please go and see your doctor!

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Did you know that you have a better chance of having a girl if you are very nauseous in the first few weeks of your pregnancy?

Tips to reduce nausea

  1. As we said, it’s called morning sickness for a reason. Therefore, make sure to always have some food next to your bed for when you wake up. Perhaps a cracker or biscuit. Eat it as soon as you wake up, then stay lying down for another half hour.
  2. Food helps against nausea. So keep eating, small portions and (healthy) snacks, all day long. Even if you are not hungry, keep eating. It helps, really! But don't eat too much, and preferably healthy, because it’s all about the health of your little one.
  3. Research has shown that protein- and carbohydrate-rich meals seem to help. So choose muesli, bread, rice cakes, tofu, avocado, lentils, nuts, legumes.
  4. Leave the coffee until after your pregnancy. Then it will come in handy.
  5. Drink some carbonated water after you have eaten.
  6. Always drink small bits so you don't feel full. Also, don't drink with your meal, but in between meals.
  7. Ginger, ginger, ginger! Try a ginger tablet, ginger candy, ginger tea, ginger jam or ginger from a jar. Yep, ginger might put you out of your misery.
  8. Have you already taken a vitamin B6 supplement? No? Go get it!
  9. Cola on an empty stomach (not light) can provide a solution for the rest of the day.
  10. We know it's delish, but avoid sour, spicy, heavy and fatty foods. This can irritate the stomach wall and cause extra nausea.
  11. Stay away from smells that make you nauseous. Has your partner had too much to drink and you can't tolerate that smell? Just send your partner to the bank!
  12. No stress. Do everything at ease and take good care of yourself and the baby. This can also reduce nausea.

It is a good sign!

Yeah, it sucks, the nauseousness. But keep in mind that it’s a good sign! It indicates a high hCG level and therefore a lower risk of having a miscarriage. If you are nauseous, this is actually a sign that your baby is developing well. Aren’t you suffering from nausea? Don't worry. 20 to 25% don’t experience this either and still give birth to a healthy child. So lucky you that you’re not experiencing morning sickness!

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