Oh my wallpaper: 15x the cutest wallpapers for the baby's room

Oh my wallpaper: 15x the cutest wallpapers for the baby's room

Endless options, that's what we like to hear. But at the same time, we feel stressed about the choice. Jeez, we are so difficult sometimes. This also applies to the wallpaper in the baby's room: so many colors and so many patterns. Maybe you've already spent hours scouring the internet for the best wallpapers and by now you've been bombarded with ads on both the internet and social media about wallpaper for the baby's room. But of course, it's also possible that your baby room project was put on hold for a while and you're only now discovering the magical world of baby wallpaper. Either way, a good dose of inspo can never hurt. That's why we have made a list of our 15 favorite baby wallpapers!

  1. Sail away with me

Is the creation of a cool blue nursery on the agenda? Then it goes without saying that the wallpaper also features blue details. And you'll wonder years later what it is about boats...

€23,95 per role

  1. Mermaid

"Look mommy, I'm a mermaid!" That's probably what you'll be told after a while if you choose this wallpaper. Oh well, a child can dream, right?

€35,- per m2

  1. As high as the mountains

For your little one, it is still a bit early to explore the mountains, but of course, you can always dream about the mountains. With this wallpaper that's a piece of cake ;)


  1. Our friend the giraffe

Yep, we're sold. Wallpaper with animals is always pretty cute, but this ochre yellow color completes the picture. Oh yeah, and then some animal posters to go with it. Welcome the beasties to the baby's room!

€37,95 per role

  1. Queen bee

We have to be good to the bees, and you can teach your mini that with this wallpaper. A baby room with bohemian vibes? Picture perfect together with this wallpaper.

€35,- per m2

  1. Hot air balloons

Talk about a real eye-catcher...I mean, all those little details! If looking at this wallpaper isn't soothing, I don't know what is.

€14,95 per m2

  1. Cheerful animal mess

All your favorite animals displayed on the wall? You can with this wallpaper! Match it with wicker storage baskets and white wooden cabinets, and you're done.

€14,95 per m2

  1. Hello astronaut

A trip to Mars or maybe the Moon? You only need one thing for that: this wallpaper. A black and white striped comforter cover - or perhaps one with polka dots - and the baby's room is completely outer-space-proof.

€37,95 per role

  1. Princesses and castles

It will be hard to find a little girl who doesn't love princesses, castles, and carriages. And for exactly that reason, you will definitely score with this princess wallpaper in the baby's room!

€14,95 per m2

  1. Fleurs des Champs

You decorate the baby's room for your baby, of course - duh - but secretly also a little for yourself. You know, for all the moments you will spend there. And since you are a flower girl...flower wallpaper it is.


  1. Smileys

The fun factor of this wallpaper is certainly high: it will undoubtedly be a pleasure to look at these crazy faces. And when it comes to color, you can go any way you want with this wallpaper: cheerful and intense colors or light and neutral tones.

€74,- per role

  1. The South

Can't get enough of bright colors and unusual shapes for the kid's room? Then this wallpaper will certainly make its contribution to the project “children's room”. You. Want. This.

€74,- per role

  1. Orange orchard

Always dreamed of being the owner of an orange orchard? With this wallpaper in the baby's room, you might already come a bit close. After all, you are the boss of the baby room ;)

€74,- per role

  1. My heart

If you choose a bohemian baby room, this wallpaper is a wonderful addition. And what makes it even better is that this wallpaper is a wonderful reflection of the emotion that prevails in the baby's room: love!

€74,- per role

  1. Time for a rainbow

Looking for a wallpaper with a cheerful pattern? Then you go for rainbows. At least you don't have to look for that rainbow anymore when it's raining and the sun is shining ;)

starting from €34,95


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