When is baby number 2 coming?

When is baby number 2 coming?

It's unbelievable.

How many times this infamous question has been asked. A second child sounds nice, and all - especially very easy when you mention it like that - but is it realistic?

Do you really just add a second child to your family that easily? Of course, the thought of having another little one, a second child, a brother or sister for my son, makes my ovaries explode, but I also think of so many other things. Night feeds, feeding 7 or 8 times a day, changing nappies, and numerous outfit changes. I found all these things to be a full-time job with my first child. How on earth do you take care of a baby if you already have one? I can already picture it. A crying baby in the baby carrier. The toddler is clinging to my leg, crying, and just wants attention. And rightly so, because before, he was the center of the family.

I haven't even mentioned the pregnancy itself. Since child number 1 is also present, Netflixing in bed all day is no longer an option. How do you do that? If you are exhausted and just want to sleep (hello, first trimester)? And what if the eldest doesn't want to sleep at all during the day? Then you can forget about naps altogether.

But anyway. I can also imagine that you are more relaxed with a second one. After all, you are already a family. You are already a mother. Everything is new and exciting with the first one, but by now you know everything about all sorts of subjects that used to make you nervous and insecure. Afternoon naps, feedings, baby baths, swaddling, baby poo, and how to dress your newborn without stressing. You name it. Oh, and cuddling during the newborn phase. The time when they are so small. I am looking forward to that. Time flies by. It really does. Even though I did not realise it with the first one. 

So much food for thought. It is also very personal whether or not you want to have your second child. And when? There is never a perfect moment. Therefore, it would be better for everyone if other people were aware of this. So, less of those irritating questions and don't just assume that mom and dad want a second child or that it's all so obvious. That would be nice. 

A second one will come, as far as I'm concerned. But eh, for the time being, I'll just stick to 'my ovaries exploded' after seeing a baby.


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