Why Babywatcher is completely safe for mother and child

Our first concern when we got the idea for Babywatcher was safety. Here you’ll read everything you need to know about why making a pregnancy scan with Babywatcher is completely safe.

Designed specifically for home use, for parents, by experts

We’ve developed the Babywatcher together with an independent team of medical experts, specifically for home use by parents. There’s no adjusting settings and everything is Plug & Play. Easy and risk free.

The most important questions about safety

The Babywatcher creates sound, just like any other ultrasound device. It’s pitched so high, that no one can hear it, not even your baby. This is why it’s called ultrasound. The Babywatcher transmits ultrasound and also receives it. Thanks to this scan, the Babywatcher is able to create images and this is what we know as an ultrasound. It has nothing to do with radiation like x-rays.

It’s completely safe. Ultrasound has never caused any harm, even though the norm that sets the maximum intensity is a lot higher than it used to be and keeps increasing over the years.

Well the norms are there to prevent any possible risk. During lab tests on mice they found that there’s a risk of warming up tissue and too much heat can be dangerous. The norms help prevent this.

Yes! We have all necessary certifications and we comply with the highest standards. We use sonar technology to make ultrasound of your baby. We obtain this technology from the company Sonosight Medical Co., Limited. They are in possession of a guarantee certificate from TÜV Rheinland. We also comply with all EU standards for health, safety and protection of our natural environment with our CE mark.

With Babywatcher, the risk is next to nothing. The intensity of the Babywatcher is a lot lower than today’s norms. But also devices like the ones at your gynecologist, are mostly risk free. This is because there is too much movement and too little intensity to warm up.

The norms set the maximum allowed intensity and the higher the intensity the better the images. Of course this is perfect for medical examinations but it’s not necessary if you want to take a peek at your baby with Babywatcher. In the table below you can see how low the intensity of the Babywatcher is.

The current maximum allowed intensity is 720 mW/cm2. The maximum intensity of the Babywatcher is only 57 mW/cm2.

CE and TüV Certified
The Babywatcher in healthcare

Babywatcher isn’t just a beautiful and reassuring addition to pregnancy for parents. It also has its uses in medical care.

Professionals use the Babywatcher during regular checkups and home visits, or to quickly determine the position of the baby during a home birth.

We’re proud to contribute to pregnancy care in a whole new way. Together with academic hospitals we’re doing researching into lowering healthcare costs and increasing comfort of mothers by providing regular checkups from home. We’re also doing research into lowering stress for pregnant women early in their pregnancy which is beneficial for the baby’s development.