9x festive mocktails that are indistinguishable from the real thing

9x festive mocktails that are indistinguishable from the real thing

Over Christmas, we have already ventured into creating sophisticated non-alcoholic gin tonics. To be honest, it was a piece of cake, wasn't it? And since it worked out so well, we'd like to enjoy an excellent and undoubtedly insta-worthy drink every weekend. This weekend is New Year's Eve, and let that be the perfect excuse to get back in the kitchen and bring out your inner mixologist. Cheers to the new year!

This time, expand your beverage empire into the realm of *mocktails*. Admit it, the favourite part of drink making is the garnish. That's perfect because, with the right garnish, these mocktails are indistinguishable from the real deal, which the rest of your family and friends can drink. They taste just as delicious, and they also match the looks of a real cocktail (that's what really matters, right?). I have already done the prep work and selected the most delicious and diverse cocktails for you. Have your phone ready for the most Instagram-worthy snapshots of these little works of art!
 9x festive mocktails that are indistinguishable from the real thing

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Virgin Mojito

The mojito is known to be wonderfully refreshing. And this is certainly no different with the virgin variant. Attention all Mojito lovers because this mocktail is particularly easy to prepare. You need fresh mint leaves, cane sugar, lime juice, ginger ale, or sprite. Cheers to 2022!

Caribbean Swirl (aka Virgin Pornstar Martini)

The most popular cocktail of the moment could not be missed in a virgin variant. From the first time we tried it, we fell in love with the sweet taste of passion fruit. Prepare it yourself with passion fruit juice, lime, passion fruit, cane sugar, and mint. Decoration tip: dip the top rim of the cocktail glass into a bowl of grenadine, then dip it into some sugar. This is the trick to creating that beautiful sugar rim!

Shirley Temple

This mocktail looks like candy, doesn't it? You can prepare this mocktail in no time. Stock up on grenadine, lime juice, ginger beer, ice cubes, and maraschino cherries. Tip: Be generous with the maraschino cherries!

9x festive mocktails that are indistinguishable from the real thing

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Pink bubbles without alcohol

Do you want to be able to toast with a champagne coupe like the rest at 12 o'clock? Then prepare this mocktail, which is also drunk in a fancy champagne coupe. To prepare this mocktail, score blackcurrant syrup, sparkling mineral water, rosemary, and pomegranate seeds.

Mocktail with grape and elderflower

Need a refreshing mocktail after a night of dancing? This mocktail is the ideal pick-me-up and very easy to prepare as well. Sparkling white non-alcoholic, Karvan Cévitam signature blends white grape & elderflower syrup, red grapes, and ice cubes are all you need. Of course, this mocktail is 100% New Year's Eve proof (and mummy proof).

Cosmopolitan Mocktail

With its girly reputation, this is a cocktail (or, in this case, mocktail) you definitely don't want to miss. Just like the ladies in Sex and the City, drink a Cosmopolitan and immerse yourself in their glamorous world. Mix cranberry juice, lime juice, sprite, orange juice, and ice cubes for this. Shake it!

9x festive mocktails that are indistinguishable from the real thing

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Festive mocktail with cranberries

Hang on to the Christmas spirit with this mocktail, ideal if you're looking for a fresh yet spicy mocktail. Be sure to try this cranberry mocktail, which requires NONA June tonic, unsweetened cranberry juice, sugar syrup, and rosemary. Oh yeah: don't forget the cranberries for the most essential part of the mocktail (the decoration, duh).

Winter mocktail with kombucha, apple, and cinnamon

Ready for the next level of making mocktails? Check. In the mood to fully express your ultimate inner mixologist and really roll up your sleeves? Check. Then make this winter mocktail that's a tad trickier to prepare. For this spicy mocktail, stock up on cloudy apple juice and kombucha at the supermarket, and of course cinnamon sticks and star anise for decoration.

Mocktail with blood orange and spices

Save the best for last, and that certainly applies here. Because, of course, we love innovative mocktails. And a mocktail with blood orange is certainly not ordinary. Mix blood orange juice, Seedlip Spice, and sparkling water for this delicious blood orange mocktail and decorate with a slice of blood orange. Easy peasy blood orange squeezy!


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