Twinning with your mini-me

Twinning with your mini-me

Complaining about the sweetness of women wearing the same thing as their little daughter? Guilty. This is probably true for most of us. "Geez, there's another case of her trying to make her daughter a little version of herself with those matching outfits. Just over the edge huh". Until you can take on the fantastic role of mom yourself. Then your view changes. Including your view on making sure that you and your mini-me look alike in every detail. That is then the most fun (and stylish) thing there is. Has matching your mini me become a hobby by now? Do you receive daily advertisements about matching outfits? Is fanatically picking out these outfits your favorite activity? Did you answer yes to all these questions? Congratulations, then you have reached the professional-twinning-with-mini-me-level, and then this blog with the most adorable matching items is written just for you!

  1. Flare vibes

Pink flared trousers - €19,99 €11,99

Pink flared trousers - €35,99 €25,19

  1. Flower power

Pink dress - €29,99 €17,99

Pink dress - €45,99 €32,19

  1. Love me a good print

Twinning - €27,50

Twinning - €37,50

  1. My purple dream

Sweater - €27,50

Sweater - €37,50

  1. Feeling cute

Top - €42,50

Top - €24,95

  1. Comfy playsuit

Mom-daughter - €19,95 - €22,95

  1. Badass

Bikerjack - €39,99

Bikerjack - €29,99

  1. Striped like a zebra

Ribbed top - €14,99

Ribbed top - €24,99 (5-pack)


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