12x the cutest music mobiles: play that funky music baby!

12x the cutest music mobiles: play that funky music baby!

Ever come across someone who doesn't like music? Exactly, we think so. Although everyone has their taste in music (which can sometimes lead to heated discussions), everyone can appreciate music enormously. So much so that we can't even live without it. Just like the mini inhabitants of this planet. While we adults love to listen to music through one or more speakers or our AirPods, babies enjoy tunes played by their music mobile above or to the side of the playpen. This has a nice calming effect and encourages your mini's journey to dreamland (bet you'll experience the same after several broken nights in a row?). Speaking of the benefits of music, specifically those of a music mobile, a music mobile also encourages your baby's development and motor skills. To have or not to have? That's not the question anymore. We're past that. You are now simply wondering which music mobile to score. That's why we eliminated a lot of music mobiles and selected the 12 cutest mobiles out there for you, some with a nice discount. Thank us later.

  1. Wildlife in my room


€37,99 €30,39

  1. Little knits

€34,99 €23,19

  1. Bird, sing me a song

€12,99 €10,39

  1. Over the moon


  1. Blue dreams

€34,99 €29,95

  1. To the moon and back


  1. Zoopreme


  1. Oh my whale


  1. Flower power


  1. It’s a dino world


  1. My teddy


  1. The sweetest turtle

€14,99 €9,59

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