Baby born: 10x the most original maternity snacks!

Baby born: 10x the most original maternity snacks!

Are you a brand new and shining momma? Then you are probably on a pink or blue cloud. Endless cuddling and hours of staring at your creation. Although you can't get enough of your little sprout (of course, duh), you also want to introduce your inner circle to your mini because you are so proud of him or her. And you want to show off your bébé. In other words: time for a maternity visit. And thus also time for maternity snacks.

We have to admit that rusks and mice are still delicious, it is a classic. But...just as the eye wants something, so does the creative spirit. Understandably, this time it wants something more special. And we can confidently say that we have found them, those unique maternity snacks. Whether you're hosting a baby shower yourself or you're visiting someone else's house: these 10 baby shower snacks score douze points for originality and taste!

  1. Oreos dipped in chocolate

I think it would be hard to find someone who does not love Oreos. This is the reason why this sweet is such a great baby food. Tip: make more than you think you need because there will definitely be people who will kindly ask you for a second one ;)


  1. Rusk with strawberries or blackberries

Do you secretly think it's a shame to completely omit rusks from the maternity snacks? Then prepare these easy-peasy rusks with fruit. Use blackberries or blueberries if you have become a proud mother of a boy, and strawberries or raspberries if you have welcomed a little girl into your life.


  1. Syrup waffles with mice

As a resident of the Netherlands, you simply have a fondness for syrup waffles. Nothing to be ashamed of. A little experimentation is always fun, and let it be with syrup waffles, chocolate, and mice. Is your mouth watering already?


  1. Kiss with mice

We understand that saying goodbye to the famous mice is difficult and that you want to stick to this tradition. But to give it an original touch, instead of rusks, you can use chocolate kisses.


  1. Mini cheesecake with raspberries or blueberries

Saying no to cheesecake is just not possible. Neither can you say no to this mini cheesecake with raspberries and pink mice or with blueberries and blue mice. Too cute, and delicious.


  1. Rocky road with mice

Rocky road, what? Then we are talking about a magical combination of chocolate, crunchy cookies, marshmallows, and maple syrup. Ehm yes, the road to our hearts!


  1. Cookie bar with mice

Hmm, we love a good cookie bar. And the mice make it even tastier. Oh yes, this baby snack is best prepared well in advance and frozen. No last-minute stress. Take the cookie bar out of the freezer about an hour before you have visitors and you're ready to feast.


  1. Nijntje cookies with mice

What says "baby" more than Nijntje? Right. And secretly, those simple cookies are actually quite delicious.


  1. Chocolate truffles with mice

Balls of magic, that's what these maternity snacks are. You'll probably get everyone quiet with these chocolate truffles, and they'll stare at you in admiration. And you don't even need much: chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese, white chocolate, and mice. That's it.


  1. Birthing slipper

Has baking this treat been on your to-do list for a long time? Then let this be the moment to finally tick it off. Decorate the slipper with little mice and tie a ribbon around it. Voilà, a treat for both the mouth and the eye.


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