Baby wipes dilemma: what are delicate baby wipes?

Baby wipes dilemma: what are delicate baby wipes?

No one needs to tell you that you will be changing your baby many times (say countless times). In addition to fine diapers, you'll need baby wipes for this. You can find them from as little as 1 cent, and many wipes are characterized by natural or extra soft properties. This all sounds very nice. But we all know that advertising often emphasizes the good qualities of products enormously. So, the question is: what should you look for when buying wipes, and which wipes can you safely use for your baby?

What do you need to consider when buying wipes?
Before you buy products for your little one, you'll want to do some research. Because: of course, you want to buy safe products for your mini-me. In the case of baby wipes, you can get help from the Consumers & Association, because they have conducted research into various baby wipes. They concluded that brands often claim that the baby wipes they sell are completely natural or extra soft, while these wipes are often still characterized by strong allergens. Something you definitely want to avoid.

In addition, there can be huge differences in the price of baby wipes. Often, they can even be found as low as 1 cent. A tip here is not to be blinded by the price, as it is not related to any allergens contained in the wipes. Also, many baby wipes have a PEFC or an FSC label. These labels mean that the wood used in a product comes from sustainably and socially managed forests (PEFC label) and that wood comes from responsibly managed forests (FSC label). In the case of baby wipes, this simply means that the paper from which the wipes are made has a responsible origin. It is tempting to put the wipes in your shopping basket immediately when you see such a label, but these labels say nothing about the wipes as a whole!

1. Naïf plasticvrije billendoekjes - €3,49

Naïf has built a good reputation for itself and is known for its natural products that
are both good for people and the environment. These baby wipes are made from
eucalyptus fibers and contain no microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, or perfume. Does your baby have dry skin or suffer from eczema? Even then these wipes are still suitable. Ideal that you don't have to switch to other wipes then, right?

2. Kruidvat Lotiondoekjes Sensitive - €13,99

Yes, Kruidvat is definitely on this list. These lotion wipes contain aloe vera and clean the bum, hands, and face of your mini-me safely. These are the kind of wipes that claim to be extra sensitive, but really are!

3. Etos Baby lotion pure billendoekjes - €1,99

Etos also has a great selection of safe baby wipes with natural ingredients and no
perfumes. These wipes also reduce the risk of allergic skin reactions. Check it out!

4. Pampers Pure aqua - €2,99

As you would expect from the name, these wipes consist mainly of water: 99%. The remaining 1% consists of dermatologically tested cleansers and ingredients that do not disturb the natural pH value of the skin. This will prevent skin irritation in your baby, and protect his or her soft skin. Oh yeah, and the wipes are made of organic cotton. Wonderfully soft!

5. HEMA babydoekjes met 99,4% water - €1,50

These baby wipes also consist of the most water and natural ingredients. And that's what you want for your baby! These baby wipes from HEMA are hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of allergic skin reactions. Good news, because these wipes are also plastic-, perfume- and alcohol-free, as well as pH skin-neutral and without colorants.

6. Huggies Pure Extra Care - €18,29

The Huggies brand also qualifies for safe baby wipes. These Pure Extra Care baby
wipes are made of natural fibers and free of parabens and alcohol. Oh yeah, and are extra thick and strong. Also not unimportant ;)

7. Albert Heijn beregoede baby lotiondoekjes sensitive - €1,10

Admit it, the packaging alone would have put it in your shopping basket. Good to
know that you can also use these wipes for your baby with confidence, because they are safe. These baby wipes contain aloe vera and chamomile, which we love. In addition, they are also dermatologically tested. That makes you feel assured, right?

8. SmartKids Eco billendoekjes - €2,99

Wipes that are good for your baby and the environment. These are the wipes from
SmartKids. They have a high absorption capacity. They are hypoallergenic. They are made from organically grown viscose and wood fibers. And they are vegan. All boxes we can tick off!

Tip: these baby wipes are labeled as safe by the Consumers' Association, but remember that every baby is different and that the wipes that are fine for one baby, may not be as fine for another. A matter of trial and error, but in this case safe!

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