Bad weather: this is how to entertain your mini inside!

Bad weather: this is how to entertain your mini inside!

Unfortunately, autumn is often synonymous with bad weather. That picture of the sun shining beautifully through the colored autumn leaves and warming things up a bit is usually not the reality. Strong wind and pouring rain? That is indeed more like reality. These harsh weather conditions also mean that you will be spending a lot of time indoors again and therefore you will have to entertain your mini inside. Shit, just when you promised your child a nice autumn walk. So, you'll have to park that plan for a while. The good news is that there is no need to panic - even when you have a few days of bad weather ahead of you - because there are plenty of ways to make it cozy inside. Even leaving aside the classics of reading books and watching movies ;) Here are our tips for a successful afternoon à la maison!

  1. Get creative with clay

Spending an afternoon indoors calls for a creative activity. Grab the car and drive to the store to buy some clay. Might mean braving the rain for a while - at least the stretch from the parking lot to the store - but it will be worth it. Unleash your imagination and creativity as you think of fun creations that can be made with clay and then it's time to start claying!

Clay turtle

Clay monsters

  1. DIY puppet show

Who says you have to go to a real puppet show to enjoy entertainment? Because you can easily do that yourself with your mini. What do you need? Socks - that should do the trick - cardboard, markers, yarn, and scissors. Possibly some other craft supplies - depending on how crazy you want to make it and how rich your imagination is. Crafting is giant fun in itself, but what you can then do with the results is definitely entertainment in itself, too. Say hello to boredom, and hello to an afternoon of entertainment.


  1. Making tents

What could be cozier than making your own tent at home when it's storming outside? Gather some old sheets or blankets and creatively throw them over a table or some chairs to make a big tent. Put some pillows on the floor and have your mini invite Mr. Teddy Bear and Mrs. Rabbit to be part of this cozy event as well. Then all you need is a saucer with cookies and cups of juice. Guaranteed to be a successful afternoon!

  1. Disco

Make a playlist of the best children's songs and play them nice and loud through the box in the living room. But not too loud, because the neighbors will complain. Pull out the dusty disco lamp from the garage for the ultimate disco feeling. Put your mind at zero and dance like nobody is watching.

Disco lamp - €14,94

  1. Children's podcasts and listening stories

Did that mini disco demolish you and are now really ready for some rest? That's understandable because a mini disco is a great way to expend all your energy. Then find a fun kids' podcast that will keep you entertained for a while. For example, the Sandwich Show is a fun podcast hosted by Upper the Doll - yes, this is a doll podcast. I'm sure that will appeal to your mini.


  1. Growing vegetables

Pay attention to nature inside your home? Yes, you can. Create a small vegetable garden with your mini by growing sprouts in a small container with water and seeds. Don't feel like being stuck indoors with this vegetable garden? Then, with better weather, you can also carry this out outside and make preparations now. For example, it is fun to paint some mini flower pots with cheerful colors. You can fill them later when the wind and rain have stopped. Isn't it great, all these DIY projects?

  1. Dress-up party including a photoshoot

Something almost all children love? And no, we're not talking about animals, although they love those too. Dressing up! So get that carnival or Halloween costume out of the closet. Don't have that in the house? Then get creative with old clothes. You might be surprised at how far a rich imagination can take you with dressing up ;) Once dressed up, it is fun to capture this moment on camera with a real photo shoot. It's fun to look back at these photos (and maybe videos) later when you're in a sentimental mood (and secretly to tease your kids with).

  1. Bingo

Add a game element to your day inside and make your own bingo cards. For a walk in the woods, you might make a bug bingo, but there are fun options for indoors as well. For example, make a bingo card with various things you can see from the window. Think of different types and colors of vehicles, dogs passing by with their owners, or a bird flying by. Whoever is the first to cross off all the boxes on the bingo card gets a treat. Want to bet that reward makes for some extra competition? ;)

  1. Pizza topping

Most little ones like to help mom or dad. You know, those moments when they see themselves as mini-adults. The same goes for cooking. Buy a pizza base and let your mini fill it to your taste - okay, a little guidance is allowed, to make sure it's edible. No more thinking about what to cook that night ;)

  1. Playing hide and seek

This game has been played for ages, but it remains a classic. You can also add your own touch here, for example by hiding treats (instead of yourself) and letting your mini search for them. It's like an Easter egg hunt but with a twist. Give your mini hints by telling him or her if he or she is going in the right direction. And when your child has reached the destination and found the goodies, it's time to feast!

  1. Making hopscotch diagrams

Do you believe that spending a day (or even several days) indoors equals sitting still and lazing around? You can (and certainly should if you feel like it), but you don't have to. Get out some tape and make hopscotch on the floor. Bet your mini will enjoy helping with this, too? Keeping moving indoors has never been easier, trust us.

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