Diary of a preggo: week 29

Diary of a preggo: week 29

Dear diary,

The most frequently given advice during pregnancy is without doubt rest. With or without ailments, it is already important to rest and to respect your limits, but my pelvic instability has made me give in to this even more. And this week proved to me that this advice is not unfounded. I was on holiday and had to do absolutely nothing for a while. 

Because there are no little frummies of ours walking around the world yet, I was able to do and especially to leave whatever I wanted during the holiday. I noticed the results immediately: I was less exhausted and the pelvic pain was often less extreme than during a working day. Because of this, I have finally decided on my maternity leave; at 35 weeks I will go on leave to take a break and enjoy myself before she arrives.

Of course, I have had some bad days as well. I have a new ailment where it can 'shoot' into my pelvis and I can barely walk from that moment on. Even sitting for longer periods of time is impossible for my tailbone, which makes it more difficult to have activities outside. However, I have noticed that I can cope better mentally, because: third trimester. We're almost there.

I can't let this week's blog go by without giving some unsolicited advice. For anyone who has pelvic problems, tailbone pain or is just pregnant and could use some relaxation: find a pool. The water makes your pregnant body feel much lighter and relieves aches and pains, it really is a panacea at the moment. I myself go to pregnancy swimming, where you do about 40 minutes of exercises in the water and 20 minutes of lounging and chatting with other pregnant women. This also ensures that I can do something for my condition and I always feel better after swimming.

Another wonderful option that I have tried with my husband this holiday is to go to a spa. Just check the rules about visiting saunas and hot tubs, I only go in the swimming pools myself. But this is really relaxing x10. We go to Carolus in Aachen, where you can buy a ticket for just the swimming. We stay there for 3.5 hours and you come out a new person. This week, my pelvis hurt extremely when walking in the car park to the swimming pool, but the water immediately relieved the pain. Highly recommended!

Next week we are going to do something fun which I am really looking forward to: a pregnancy course. We will have two three-hour classes in a small group with a midwife and a gynaecologist. For me personally - and especially for my husband - it is important that this course is practical and not too woolly, that would not be a good match.

In addition, we want to write our birth plan based on this course, so we could still use some information. So, a 'to be continued'. See you next week!

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