Dressing your baby sustainably!

Dressing your baby sustainably!

You want the best for your mini - no doubt about it - but also for the environment. Then you end up with sustainable baby products! That sounds good, especially since you need a lot (read: a lot) of baby stuff but we also need to be kind to the planet. Think for example of washable diapers, biodegradable baby wipes, and portable furniture: good for your baby and the environment. Something you probably don't think of right away is baby clothes. Because, yes, we don't have to explain to anyone that your baby outgrows his or her clothes very quickly, so you have to go back to the store to buy new sweaters and pants. What. One. Money. Besides your wallet, the planet isn't too happy about this either. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to dress your baby sustainably. Curious? Then read on!

Tip #01: Browse Vinted and markets

There's a good chance you've already shopped for a gem on Vinted. Also for babies you can score beautiful clothes and for a bargain. Because yes, fellow mommies understand the struggle: a baby who grows out of his clothes very quickly. So why not sell them on, right? In addition, you can often find nice clothes for your mini at second-hand clothing fairs and clothing markets. This way you give all those baby clothes a second life!

Tip #02: Clothes of brothers or sisters

Are you the proud mother of several children? Then maybe you can benefit from the baby clothes you saved from your other kids. Somewhere in the attic maybe. Even if you already know that you would like to have another child, it is a good (and sustainable) idea to save baby clothes. You may also have relatives or friends with babies or small children who have outgrown certain clothes. That's what friends and family are for!

Tip #03: Make a list

Yes, we know: it can be extremely tempting to dive into stores and come out with bags full of baby clothes. After all, how cute is a dress or a pair of shoes in a mini size? But okay, back to reality. The distinction between wanting and needing is really key when sustainably shopping for your baby. Always ask yourself, preferably before you go to the checkout, if your baby really needs something or if you just want to buy it for your mini because you like it.

To avoid buying too much (or making too many impulsive purchases), it is useful to make a list of things your baby can really use before you go shopping. That way you'll probably save yourself a lot of money - and a lot of angry looks from your hubby after you come home with a trunk full of bags ;)

Tip #04: Baby clothing subscription

Did you know that there is such a thing as a baby clothing subscription? Yes, there is! Certain companies (like Hulaaloop) offer the ability to "rent" or "borrow" baby clothes for a set amount that you pay monthly. Does the clothing no longer fit your baby or are you fed up with it (we know that problem ourselves)? Then you can exchange the clothes for a bigger size or simply hand them in. Talking about innovative ideas...


Tip #05: Sustainable baby clothing brands

We're thrilled to hear that there are many brands these days that sell sustainable baby clothing. Think of clothes made of organic cotton or recycled materials, and therefore have a minimal impact on the planet. So, no chemical junk. Safe for your baby and the environment, we love it. By now you are undoubtedly curious about the brands that sell these sustainable baby clothes. Therefore, we have selected our 5 favorites for you!

  1. Gray Label

Baby suit - €57,-

Baby pants - €39,- 


Baby sweater - €41,- 

  1. Phil & Phae

Baby jacket - €48,-


Baby onesie - €43,-


Baby jumpsuit - €48,- 

  1. Maed for Mini

Romper - €35,- €17,50


Onepiece - €65,-


Wrap romper - €35,- €17,50 

  1. Ammehoela

Jumpsuit - €39,95


Sweater - €39,95


Baby dungaree - €39,95 

  1. Nixnut

Pants - €59,95


Sweater - €49,95


Overall - €79,95

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