Diary of a preggo: week 27

Diary of a preggo: week 27

Dear diary,

I think few weeks of pregnancy have started as fun as this week. After a wonderful night out, I found myself at home with the next surprise: my baby shower.
The mothers (in law), grandmothers, sisters and friends were already waiting for me in a fabulous decorated living room. A table full of the tastiest high tea snacks was ready, everyone had made something. We toasted with a Liefmans 0.0 that was kept cold in a new baby bath.

After the delicious bites, the first game started; in the living room were all the baby pictures of the guests without names. These had to be matched with the person to whom they belonged, but this was not without some questionable mistakes. I did not recognise my own mother (oops) and even worse: I did not recognise my own baby picture either.

After the baby photos, we moved on to some action: the buggy race. In a buggy was a 'baby' (read doll) that had to be pushed through a parkour as fast as possible. But of course, this baby had crying fits and had to be comforted out of the buggy. Hopefully this test doesn't say anything about my motherhood skills, because then I'll have to practice LOVE comforting during stress. But: I'm in it to win it, so we won the race and like a real Maxime Verstappen 'my team' achieved the fastest result.

The dose of creativity was also tested with paper and fabric bodysuits. The fabric bodysuits were decorated with textile pens and are now flanking my living room.
On the paper bodysuits, all the expectations and wishes were written out; names such as 'Genovera' and 'Maria' came along, and the baby will mainly resemble my cat; soft.

Of course, we also had a 'mom-test', where we had to change nappies blindfolded. As a present, I got a full nappy with a delicious peanut butter spread, so that I could practise a bit more. After a round of baby gifts and a fun photo session with a garland of flowers, my baby shower ended with me feeling very tired but fulfilled.

The look-a-like of my baby (a.k.a. the soft cat) then decided to demand some attention and hid behind a can of paint in my open cupboard. When he didn't even respond to the food, we started calling Tosti all over the place with a panicked search team. My mother was almost crying driving through the neighbourhood. But all's well that ends well: we found Tosti and the search team was discharged.

Since I am always so short but powerful, the report of my baby shower is already almost an A4 full. However, I still have to share my ibuprofen story with you.
And I have to confess a little character flaw of mine: I can be quite chaotic and messy. Due to a slight urge to litter, this is a little better at the moment, but not quite as it should be.

I thought it would be a good idea to take my pregnancy vitamins to the hotel in my gym bag without the packaging. That saved me a lot of lugging and space, as the strips were a lot more compact. Tired and satisfied after the baby shower, I took the vitamins, calcium tablets and aspirin out of my bag and took one of each.
It took me a few seconds to realise that the last tablet I took was not a pregnancy vitamin but an ibuprofen and panic took over.

I tried to vomit to get rid of the tablet, but alas; the ibuprofen did not come back. I called the midwife's emergency line to tell her in panic that I had done something so stupid. Of course she couldn't do anything with it either and advised me not to do it again, but for now just to let it rest. In all likelihood, it would not have been such a disaster in week 27. The night came and I had one nightmare after another about my baby not breathing, being seriously ill and stopping moving around in my belly.

Of course, with all the stress, you can't feel your baby as well, so I woke up in the morning upset. The midwives' practices in the Netherlands had a strike that day for all non-emergency cases, so I decided to send an email asking them to listen to the heart if possible. Just 10 minutes later I was called with the reassuring news that they had checked it all out and there really was nothing wrong. Of course, I could come and listen to the heartbeat, but that was for my own peace of mind and not medically necessary. Trusting the midwife, I decided to let it go and get on with enjoying my baby shower.

As you can see, apart from being chaotic, I am also verbose! Thanks for reading through to the end & see you next week! <3

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