Here they are: the cutest shoe gifts under €10!

Here they are: the cutest shoe gifts under €10!

Sinterklaas is almost back in the country! The good Saint has temporarily left his paradise in Spain to surprise the children in the Netherlands again. Well, that's the story the kids get to hear. Something the kids also know is that the arrival of St. Nicholas in the country means they can put their shoe, and that Sinterklaas will fill it with a present. That is, if they are nice. Being among the "older" population of the Netherlands - no worries, we only mean in comparison to kids - of course, we know that it is up to mom and dad to come up with ideas for fun shoe presents again. Fair is fair, the Saint is no help when you need him for gift inspiration, he is just there for the show ;) This blog, however, is full of inspiration. Yes, meet the 10 best shoe gifts under €10!

Inspiration shoe gifts

  1. Pompon animals craft

Being creative? Kids love it. Especially when crafting equals creating a fluffy belly for cute little animals. Don't blame them...


  1. Permit set

Another shoe gift with high crafting content. This gift set includes a crochet hook, puppet, wool, and instructions. Also not unimportant, especially when you've forgotten how to draw. Maybe you will get a nice knitted scarf in return ;)


  1. Animal quartet game by Fiep Westendorp

A gift the whole family can enjoy? Then a deck of cards is just the thing to give! This quartet game also contains beautiful illustrations by Fiep Westendorp. And that for a small and nice price.

€4,99 €3,99

  1. Color your own kite

They love to color anyway. But coloring with a purpose is even more fun. Color it in and then go outside with your own kite!


  1. Sticker sheet

How to make that kite even more original? With the help of stickers, of course. You will probably come a long way with this sticker sheet that contains no less than 160 stickers.


  1. Ball

How to get kids' attention? By all things shiny and bright. And these balls certainly are. That's how to get the kids moving: throw a ball around!


  1. Sponge bath markers

This is one for the kids who don't like to take a bath. Because what you need then is a good distraction strategy. For example, in the form of these bath markers with a sponge, with which your mini can create a work of art in the bath or on the tiles. Finished bathing? Then easily wipe away the artwork with the sponge. But chances are that bath time will be quite long...


  1. Puglicious children's game

A game with a cute and small dog? Probably kids then think: tell me more. This pug puppy is very hungry and needs to be fed. Players may take turns stacking sweets on the pug's nose. To see how much the little dog can eat, they can press on its paw. Does the little dog catch the candies? Then you are entitled to the candies! And as you might have guessed, the one with the most candies at the end is the big winner.


  1. Wooden inlay puzzle

Yes, another gift that has to do with animals. But that's a good thing because then there is a good chance that the gift will be appreciated. This inlay puzzle also has many advantages: it trains motor skills and eye-hand coordination and it triggers children's problem-solving thinking. And all in a playful way, of course, which makes it fun for your child!


  1. Gleemerz Babies

A stuffed toy that makes sounds, has a multicolor tail, and whose tummy lights up? Guaranteed to be every child's dream.


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