These are the 10 most original baby shower gifts!

These are the 10 most original baby shower gifts!

Yaay, it's almost here: your bestie's baby shower, or maybe your sister's or your fave colleague a.k.a. work buddy's. You're proud of what you (the organizers, duh) can almost pull off on the Big Day of the Baby Shower. But...organizing the baby shower itself has already taken up so much of your time and attention that you completely forgot to buy a present. Oh my! Or maybe you spent all your creative ideas thinking of the craziest baby shower games, so your source of inspiration has completely dried up. We get it of course because we take those baby shower games very seriously. As we should.

Anyway, back to the problem: all that comes to mind are "cliché" gifts. Cuddly toys, rompers, diapers. Your friend, sister, or colleague will surely smile gratefully when she receives these (because fair's fair, you can never have enough of them), but those smiles will be even wider when receiving a unique or personalized gift. Or maybe a tear will be shed. Don't stay in sackcloth and ashes because of your lack of inspo, because that will be completely filled up again in the next few minutes with the 10 most original baby shower gifts!

  1. Bath cape with name

There is nothing more fun than receiving personalized items, especially at a baby shower. You probably have no idea what the first name of the little one will be, but the last name is certain. Secretly, you may already have a pet name for the baby. You can certainly have it embroidered on the bath cape ;) I bet this baby bath cape will be a real tearjerker at the baby shower.



  1. Babywatcher

Do you want to give your friend, sister, or colleague an unforgettable experience? Then give her the wonderful opportunity to make several fun echos with the Babywatcher suitcase, which contains all the necessities to make these fun echos. There is probably nothing more wonderful you can give parents-to-be than a meeting moment with their little one. Whether this moment remains intimate between the parents, or perhaps is extended to a family or friends evening: you always score with this! And maybe you'll even get to enjoy the fun echo yourself ;)


  1. Personalized teddy baby blanket

A multi-purpose teddy blanket that scores a 12/10 on softness, and can also be personalized? No mother says no to that. You just can't say no to that. This teddy blanket can be used as a crib blanket or stroller blanket but is also great to snuggle up under during the many parent-child snuggle moments on the couch. We love. *sob*


  1. Rainbow night light

A night light is indispensable in a baby's room. To chase away those evil monsters under the bed, and of course to make the transition to dreamland as easy and comfortable as possible. A night light is an even nicer form of decoration when it is personalized. Again, you can choose either the last name or a pet name. It's up to you.


  1. Storage bag Tellkiddo

Maybe you can imagine it, but maybe not: as a new parent you have a lot of stuff that you have to find somewhere to store. No matter how hard you try, you will soon find that a lot of things are lying around in the room. And at some point, you won't be able to find them anymore. The solution: storage bags. But a stylish one of course, like this one from Tellkiddo. So, do them a favor and give them a practical storage bag for the baby's room. It will save them a lot of headaches and those I-can't-find-my-teddy-bear moments.


  1. Personalized baby dinnerware

Baby crockery is incredibly cute in its own right. Especially when you give it a personal touch, as with this plate. The four-legged friends can't be missed on the tableware (and actually on everything). Yes, exactly, so arises children's great love for animals. With this tableware, eating is undoubtedly a party!


  1. Washcloth set

Have you ever seen cuter washcloths than these? No, I thought not. Because it's also very hard to top these on the cuteness factor. Exactly why you should give these as a baby shower gift.


  1. Playmat

Crawling and playing will soon be among a baby's favorite activities. After he or she has done that for the first time on this playmat, he or she will be fascinated by this soft mat. Before your friend looks at you angrily because her baby only wants to lie (or play, or sit, whatever) on the mat, maybe you should think twice about giving this to the parents-to-be ;)


  1. Picture frames

Decorating the baby's room is a wonderful activity. A chair there, a storage basket here, another poster on the wall there...and before you know it you're spending tons of money. Yep, decorating the baby's room can be an expensive hobby. Bet the parents-to-be will be immensely happy when they get a hand with the decorating? These picture frames are ideal for hanging precious pictures in the baby's room and giving it a personal touch!


  1. Diaper bag

Maybe mommy-to-be wants to be pampered herself. She's right. With a fashionable diaper bag, for example. A teddy is always good, but we don't need to tell you that of course. And plenty of storage space. Yes, please.


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