These are them: the baby names trends of 2023

These are them: the baby names trends of 2023

New year, so time baby names of course. And rather, new popular baby names. Maybe you are the one who had a great name in mind for her baby years ago. Or maybe you're just the one who doesn't decide until that little miracle is born. Because yes, the birth will certainly be an eye-opener. Whatever the case - because even if you've had a name in mind for years, you'll have to deal with a hubby who also wants to have his say - a good portion of inspo never hurt nobody. After all, you want to choose a name that your child will never grow tired of - and you as parents preferably not either. Therefore, we present to you: a list of the baby name trends of 2023.

  1. Short baby names

Okay, we're here for this trend. And we were last year. Short but powerful? Bring it on. How wonderful is a short name when you have to call your child 1,000 times in an hour? Names with up to four or five letters like Eva, Isa, and Mae for girls and Jax, Sef and Liam for boys will be chosen a lot this year.

  1. Unisex names

Don't want to know the gender of your baby during pregnancy yet and be surprised at birth? When taking on the challenge called "finding a baby name," it's a good idea to look for unisex names. Of course, you can come up with a list of both boy names and girl names, but unisex names save you a lot of effort in this search and are totally on trend this year. Noa, Luca, Robin, Guus, Sam, and Jules are nice examples.

  1. Biblical names

Looking for a rare baby name? Then it might be a good idea to open the Bible and look there for inspiration. For example, for boys, consider Abel, Judah, Levi, and Elias, and for girls, Tirza, Lois, Rhodes, and Leah.

  1. Nature elements

Are the above names not yet original enough for you? Okay, fair enough. Then we bet names based on natural elements, such as plants, flowers, and animals, are unique enough. If you are expecting a tough guy, consider names like Wolf, Phoenix, Storm, and Bear. If you will soon be blessed with the arrival of a girl, Mint, Dahlia, River, and Lotus are beautiful names.

  1. International names

Have you already spent so many hours looking for a perfect baby name, but feel like tons of babies are born in your area with all the names you like? We get you. Then look outside the borders of this country! International girls' names like Aurora, Nea, Liva, and Giulia are beautiful names that you won't hear as much here in the Netherlands. The international names Nils, Jace, Olav, and Mason are nice options for boys.

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