This is how you amuse your kids in autumn!

This is how you amuse your kids in autumn!

A while ago we said goodbye to our good friend Summer, and had to accept that Autumn will be with us for quite a while. So, it's also time for a bit of complaining. Falling temperatures, rainy days, inclement winds. Not to mention the fact that it gets light later and it gets dark early in the evening. And that in turn makes it a huge task to leave your nest early. Sigh.

Okay, the minute to complain is over and it's time to put on those rose-colored glasses again. Because every season has its own charm, and autumn is actually pretty magical. And that's certainly the case for your child, for whom all those beautiful autumn colors are new. In the summer you may have taken many walks in the park and admired the beach, and entertaining your mini didn't seem so difficult. In autumn, too, there are more than enough ways to keep your little one entertained, both inside on rainy days and outside on mild autumn days. Say goodbye to boredom with the fall activities below!

  1. Admire the fall colors

The colors of autumn are new to your child. And it's common knowledge that what's new is interesting! So, take your child to the park for a walk among the trees with beautifully colored leaves. We bet your mini will be running around among the falling leaves soon enough. And then of course there are the pine cones, acorns, and chestnuts. A time to admire many new parts of Mother Nature! Be careful that your curious child does not put these objects in his or her mouth.


  1. Carving out a pumpkin

Doggy weather equals indoor entertainment. And let autumn be the season to hollow out a pumpkin. You know, preparations for Halloween. Will you choose a scary pumpkin, or the friendly Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland?


  1. Petting Zoo

If the weather is nice, a visit to a petting zoo can be a fun activity. At the end of the day, your mini will probably be begging you to take home a little goat or piglet. Either way, you'll be able to add a few more friends to your circle ;)Hoe dan ook, weer een aantal vriendjes kunnen toevoegen aan de vriendenkring ;)


  1. Autumn cake baking

There are an awful lot of cakes and pies that are great to bake (and then gobble up, duh) in the fall. Like this pumpkin cake, because to be honest, it doesn't get more autumnal than this. But then you also have carrot cake, apple cake, stewed pear cake...yes, you get the idea. You guys are going to run out of time.

  1. Making a Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming, so let that rainy day be the perfect excuse to create a Halloween costume with your little one. Because do-it-yourself is 10x more fun than buying a ready-made costume, right?


  1. Crafts with an autumn theme

Are you a creabea and is that one of the many talents and qualities you want to give your little one? Then seize a bleak autumn day to make creative works of art with autumn objects. Gather some pine cones, acorns and chestnuts to get started. Don't forget that craft box in the closet, and then you can have fun.


  1. Picking fruit

What's more fun than visiting local farms on so-called self-picking days and picking fruit yourself? Apples and pears can be picked at several farms, and if you're lucky even some vegetables. Not only a great experience for your mini, but also for you!


  1. Clay

Do you like arts and crafts, but you feel you have cut and pasted so much already? Then the clay is a nice alternative! With clay, you can make endless creations. Don't believe me? Just take a look on Pinterest. I'm telling you, lots of inspiration.


  1. Indoor playground

Fancy an active afternoon? Then it's fun to visit an indoor playground. It's also great for the social development of your child: he or she will definitely make new friends during this outing. And maybe a mother you meet there will invite you for a cup of coffee!


  1. Eating pancakes

Days with bad weather call for...pancakes! Whether you choose to stay home and make your own pancakes, or eat them at a restaurant, savoring is guaranteed. Are you in a DIY mood and want to make your pancakes? Then try the recipe below. Are you starting to salivate? We get it, and so are we ;)


  1. Read or watch an autumn book

Entertain your child by reading from a children's book about autumn, or by simply flipping through the book together. Are you a real storyteller? Then make up an original autumn story that you can tell your mini. This will perhaps stimulate your child's imagination too!


  1. Making a feeding table

An afternoon of creativity and being kind to the birds? Then make a bird feeder with walnut or apple snacks. Yes, birds also like something more culinary than a fat ball now and then ;)


  1. Autumn bingo

Simple autumn walk too boring? Then add a game element by turning it into an autumn bingo! Invite some friends or cousins, and let's search! Who would be the first with a full card?


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