The cutest birth signs and window stickers!
The pregnancy is progressing, the emotions are piling up, and meeting the love of your life (well, besides your partner the second love of course) is more and more in sight. So exciting! Chances are you are already thinking about the following...
What are fine grooming products for your baby?
What are fine grooming products for your baby? It's probably no surprise to hear that you'll be stocking up on a lot of care products - and a lot of products in general - for your baby. After all, as...
Breastfeeding and artificial feeding: the pros and cons at a glance
When you are expecting a little miracle, there are a lot of decisions (with a capital D) to be made. One of them has to do with feeding your little one: do you want to give your baby breast milk...
Diary of a preggo: week 30
Dear diary, The exciting thing about these weeks is that you notice in everything that the end is in sight. Hello belly, boobs and stretch marks, you can't miss your existing growth. Physically you become rounder and you see the...
How to prevent and treat a pregnancy mask
Did you know that pigmentation spots on your face are more likely to appear during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy? This is also known as a 'pregnancy mask'. Another ailment to add to the laundry list of pregnancy...
Best maternity purchases during the summer sale
4 letters, 1 word: sale. That sounds like music to our ears. Lucky us, because the sale season is here again. This time it is the summer sale. Are you planning a vacation, but you don't have enough outfits for your vacay...
13 irritating comments you'll hear as a pregnant woman
Every pregnant woman will agree that her pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of her life. Maybe even the most beautiful. But most will also not be able to deny that pregnancy can also be a bumpy road....
15x romantic dates with a baby bump
Yes, you are pregnant! That's great news and it probably demands all your attention. Fatigue is also an issue during pregnancy. As a result, you may have less attention and time for your lover. In a while, the family will...
Baby wipes dilemma: what are delicate baby wipes?
No one needs to tell you that you will be changing your baby many times (say countless times). In addition to fine diapers, you'll need baby wipes for this. You can find them from as little as 1 cent, and many wipes...
Diary of a preggo: week 29
Dear diary, The most frequently given advice during pregnancy is without doubt rest. With or without ailments, it is already important to rest and to respect your limits, but my pelvic instability has made me give in to this even...
Pelvic pain: what helps?
No less than half of all pregnant women suffer from this at some time. Some of these women even suffer so much that they can no longer carry on with their daily routine as before. Some women continue to be bothered by this ailment even after their pregnancy. But how does pelvic pain arise, what are the symptoms of pelvic pain and what can you do to reduce the pain symptoms?
Support from a doula: what is a doula?
Do you feel that you can use (read: undoubtedly will need) some extra support during the birth? Then you might choose your mother or sister. Calling in a personal birth coach, a so-called doula, is also a good idea. Another difficult word, I hear you say thoughtfully. We come to the rescue with answers to the following questions: what is a doula, what does a doula do and why should you choose a doula? Oh yes, and of course what the cost of a doula is (not unimportant).
Funding Your Online Education: Uncovering Hidden Scholarship Gems
Searching for the right scholarships to fund your online education can be a daunting task. However, with diligence, perseverance, and careful research, you can uncover hidden gems providing essential financial assistance. In this article, you'll learn about the different types...
Birth announcement cards paradise: 6x the cutest themes!
Are you already bubbling over with ideas, or are you in need of a good dose of inspiration? In the latter case (and perhaps also in the former case, to let you explore the wonderful world of birth announcement cards again!): we come to the rescue with the cutest themes for a birth announcement card. And the cutest materials and shapes!
Diary of a preggo: week 28
What is the life of a pregnant woman like? Is it always rosy? Or does it sometimes thunder for the preggos among us? We take you along in a personal diary with honest stories about being pregnant. Week 28: Weight gain
Here's why calcium during pregnancy is so important!
So, make sure you get enough calcium every day: to prevent a calcium deficiency or, if it's too late, to make up for it. But let's start with the basics: what is calcium, why is calcium so important during pregnancy and how can you make sure you get enough calcium every day?
The most beautiful pregnancy shoes: block and wedge heels!
A golden tip when shopping for shoes during pregnancy is to buy them half a size bigger. This will give your feet just that little bit of extra space that they need during pregnancy. At certain times of the day, it can be a little too roomy? Then an insole is a solution!
Diary of a preggo: week 27
What is the life of a pregnant woman like? Is it always rosy? Or does it sometimes thunder for the preggos among us? We take you along in a personal diary with honest stories about being pregnant. Week 27: The baby shower and panic
These are the benefits of swimming during pregnancy!
Besides, you might have had to give up some of your other favorite sports temporarily because of the production of that little one in your belly. Swimming is then a wonderful alternative. Don't expect a refresher course on the theme of "how to swim". Pregnancy swimming is a special kind of swimming, especially for mommies to be. Curious about what it entails and what the health benefits are? Then read on quickly!
Creating a birth plan: how, what, why?
However, it is important and perhaps reassuring for you as parents-to-be to discuss things with the midwife and then record them in a birth plan. In this way, you can answer in advance several questions that may suddenly become very important during the birth and which therefore need to be answered quickly. But what exactly is a birth plan and why is it important?
These stylish and practical commodes you'll want to have!
Besides a crib, a dresser (a.k.a. nursing table) is probably one of the first things you score for the baby's room. No, stop. Who am I kidding, because pillows and stuffed animals, and other decorations for the baby's room are probably favorites of most moms. Either way, a changing table is an indispensable part of any baby's room. But how do you choose a safe and practical changing table?